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Men are called to lead (Genesis 2).
Though man’s fallen nature has inhibited our calling, by God’s grace, we are being renewed. Therefore, we are reminded that we are being restored to our original calling. Man’s call to lead encompasses 5 specific areas:  Personal Life, Family Life, Career Life, Church Life and Community Life. These areas are measurable. Am I living out my God-given calling in each area?  Where do I need to redirect focus?  Do I need additional training, support or accountability?

Therefore, we have established the following goals:

1).  To know each man who calls CHC their church home, that each man could deepen his sense of belonging.
2).  To provide on-ramps for each man to understand, develop and practice his leadership skills, reaching more men.
3).  To equip each man to be balanced in all 5 areas of life, utilizing his talents for God’s glory.

Upcoming Men’s Events

2017 Men’s Summit | September 22-24. Bison Ranch, AZ

The Fall 2017 WestWing Classic Car Show |  November 11th, 3-6 PM. Copper Hills Church Parking Lot.


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