Tank Wars

Sunday, September 27 | 6–9 pm

This event has already occured.

Tank Wars 2.0 is an outreach event for High School and Junior High students (7th-12th). This will be our second annual Tank Wars and is one of the highly anticipated events of the year!

Tank Wars involves building “tanks” out of cardboard boxes and duct tape with other students, throwing water balloons and dodgeballs at teams “tanks” to break them and getting really messy while having a ton of fun.

We will have free food and water available, served by leaders in masks and gloves. Students are not required to wear masks while the event is outside, but whenever going inside a building they are required to wear masks. Adult volunteer leaders will be supervising, monitoring and engaging in the event to provide safety and relationship for our students.

This event is all about students coming together for fun, friends and connection on a Sunday night.

Photo of Russell Wilson

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