Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the plaza still be transfer space to the park?

Yes, the goal of the project is to create new space where people can sit, gather, and have conversations in a "living room" atmosphere while still allowing transfer space between the church and the park.

What hours of the day will the plaza be open?

We want this space to be as open and accessible as possible. Final determinations have not been made as to standard operating hours. There will always be access to the Well Coffee Co. and Center for the Arts during their hours of operation.

How long will this project take?

The expected construction time frame is four months. We are anticipating that construction will start in April/May of 2023. Construction could begin sooner pending the permitting process and the status of the general contractor. We are hopeful construction will be completed and the building to be fully operational by fall of 2023.

How will the building be secured?

The new entry ways will be secured using that same systems we currently use. We have security measures in place such as cameras and automated locks that allow building access to specific groups outside of normal operating hours for meetings and classes, optimizing safety and security.

How open is the space going to be?

One of the key pieces to the "openness" of the plaza will be the entry ways. We want the entry ways to be as open and inviting as possible. Our architect is working on entry solutions that match the aesthetics of the campus.

What about the heat index and the sunlight?

Our architect has designed some moveable pieces that will be used to block intense sunlight during the day. This, along with air conditioning units, will help avoid having a "greenhouse" effect once the plaza is enclosed. Our architect is confident that the space will be cool and comfortable.

How will it be furnished?

The goal is to create "living room space" in the plaza. It will be furnished with additional tables and chairs for the coffee shop, as well as couches and other seating options throughout the plaza. The transfer space in the plaza will not be impeded by the furniture.

Will it be noisy in the auditorium without the lobby walls?

We are consulting with acoustics professionals to determine if removing the lobby walls will impact the sound in the auditorium. There are plans to create an airlock into the auditorium to reduce outside noise. If this or other solutions will not mitigate noise, we will potentially keep the lobby walls as they are now.

Will I be able to sit outside?

There will be tables outside of the enclosed plaza that you can sit at, like the tables that are in the plaza now.

Will pets be allowed?

Our current plaza is dog friendly. We want to honor that as much as possible in the enclosed plaza. As long as the plaza is open, your pets will be welcome.

What is the cost of the project?

The cost of the project is $1.9 million. We currently have $500k in our building fund from savings and donations, so we looking to raise the remaining $1.4 million.

How will the scope of the project change if we don't raise all the funds?

This will depend on how close we get to our goal. There are a few ways we can scale back this project, but we are trusting that the Lord will provide the funds needed to fulfill the vision we believe He has for this campus.

How much are we prepared to borrow?

We are not interested in borrowing money for this project. If we get close enough to our fundraising goal that borrowing money becomes a safe option, we might consider that option. The threshold has not been determined, and we are putting out faith in Jesus that he will provide the funds needed for this project.

Can solar help with these expenses?

Potentially. Our buildings are constructed in such a way to support solar panels if we decide to do so. The addition of the roof on the plaza will add more space for solar. Solar could a viable option depending on the cost.

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